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After clicking the My Credit File link below UK consumers can enter their name and address online to see their own credit file. Anyone can see the credit score on their file and examine all the information which the credit reference agency has gathered about them. It is not necessary to complete lengthy postal applications; in most cases you can pay by credit card and see you own credit file online instantly.

Get your own credit files? Click here to see My Credit File now.

The My Credit File service has been developed to meet the need for people to be able to check their own file and to monitor the information which credit agency databases are holding about them. We also provide access to commercial consumer and business credit reports.

Other services:

Business Reports

If you are in business, then you can run an instant credit check on your customers or suppliers. A full credit report can be provided on any of over 5 million UK businesses from the largest UK credit information resource. Click here for UK business credit reports.

Overseas Company Search and Credit Reports
Access to credit reports on companies throughout the world. Search companies and get credit reports online.

Probably the fastest and easiest method to obtain your consumer credit file. You just enter your full name and address details and use your credit card, and you can be see your full credit file on screen. 10/10
  • B2B Credit Reports

    Credit Report... Whenever you need a credit report, get a report on any UK company without any complex annual contracts. You can search online and and get a check on any business as and when you need it. You can also monitor companies for detrimental information such as Winding Up Petitions, Liquidation or Receivership, and standard filing events such as annual accounts.

    Frequent Credit Checks... For businesses and credit managers that require more than one credit check over the next year, you can reserve as few or as many reports in advance and get discounted prices. Login and get reports whenever you need them during the year.

    Regular and
    Higher Volume Users... If you need ongoing and regular credit reports then please Contact Us to discuss a fixed fee annual license. A single payment gives you access to credit reports for a year and costs from as little as 499 + VAT.
  • My Credit File
    The online facility for UK consumers who wish to check their own consumer credit file.

    See My Credit File... Now you can see your credit file with instant access to your own credit reference report. This new facility makes it easy and straight-forward with My Credit File. The credit file you see is the same as the credit files which are referred to by high street banks and building societies. If you see specific errors or wish to take issue with any of the information shown you are able to add your own comments for future searchers to see. The My Credit File service can also watch your file and monitor and alert you to changes.
Credit File Service...
My Credit File
See the records being held about you - check the report for accuracy - see your payment records and credit status
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File Monitor
You can receive an email alert when there are significant changes on your credit files and credit report
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Business Credit Reports
Before you do business with another company you can obtain a detailed credit check report instantly online
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How can I influence my credit status?
The key factor to a good credit rating is to be able to show that you can manage your loans and financial affairs, and that you always make all your regular payments punctually. If you always pay regular utility bills, phone bills and credit cards by Direct Debit you are much less likely to miss a payment. Being away on holiday may result in accidentally overlooking a payment, so having Direct Debits in place can help to avoid this. Overdue payments are something that quickly has an adverse impact on your credit score; remember that most credit agency records will show payment records from several sources, with records tracking your monthly payments going back a year or more. Ensure that you are correctly listed on the Voters Roll at your present residential address, and if possible you should avoid changing your address and moving too frequently. Keep the amount of credit you borrow well within your means and under control, as if you allow your credit to get too high then this will also negatively impact on your credit score.

Any other tips to improve my credit file?
You can use the facility to see what is on your own credit file. You will be able to see which companies are contributing data to your credit files, and you will be able to see if you are keeping your payments prompt and quickly. You will then be able to take additional measures to ensure that these companies are always paid promptly. Over time, if you monitor your credit file, you should see your prompt payments being recorded.

Improve my chances of getting credit
You may have more luck if you do not make too many applications for credit or approach too many lenders at the same time. Lenders may see all your applications on your credit file, and they may assume you are taking on too much credit. It may be better to concentrate on one or two applications that you feel are the most important. If you haven't kept up the payments on another loan go back and pay off what you owe. Once you have put things right, remember it takes at least a month or so for this new information to reach the credit reference agency and be placed on your credit file. If you have never had a credit facility before, and want a large amount of credit, you will have no credit history. A lender can't judge whether you will repay promptly or not. One way you could approach this would be to take out a different credit agreement for something much less expensive, and well within your budget, and make sure you keep up with the repayments. These prompt payments will show on your credit file as a positive, albeit modest, credit payment history. After a time, you can apply for the larger amount of credit you require. There is nothing to stop you trying different lenders and they all have different criteria and assessment guidelines and may accept your application straight away.

My Credit File